GCC Exchange is 100% devoted to offer our clients an amazing personal experience as well as to give our best trading conditions yet.

To each individual trader we provide 5 different accounts to meet your type of specific trading needs. There is one for each and every one of you out there. We are aware that traders all around the world do not have the same strategies and skills. So we specifically designed every account a little different to match each trader’s understanding and knowledge. It just makes it easier not only for us, but for you as our client. We want to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied with their own account.

Depending on what you are comfortable with, any account will give you the flexibility to trade at the level at your favor. If you wish to begin with a demo account, we recommend Standard, Micro, Gold, Silver, and last but not least the VIP account. Any account you prefer will regardless amplify your online trading experience due to the fact that they were all designed for that very specific reason.

If you are looking forward to the full-on trading experience, the VIP account was clearly made for you. You will be automatically entered into our award-winning contests, you will have direct access to our multilingual customer support, and last but not least, you will get personal assistance from a senior team of traders until you are completely satisfied with your trades.

The GCC Exchange VIP Account is specifically for traders trading with the lowest bargain of 0.1 standard lots. In this account, the benefits will highly increase if one decides to put more volume onto the transaction. If you’re willing to, of course. Growing the chances of winning at our award-winning contests might just make things more exciting for you. You never know where it might lead you and it won’t hurt to find out!

If you have any questions related to our VIP services, please feel free to contact us at this email

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