Our chief mission is to make available to you the most advanced trading technology. At GCC Exchange we’re proud of our excellent, award winning MetaTrader5 platform.

You can install MT5 easily on any computer, with full access to all trading opportunities, more than fifty graphing and visualisation instruments, and a choice of indicators to include. Additionally, you can elect to manually execute trades, or set automatic trades.

Why choose the MT5 tool:

•The interface is intuitive and easy

•We value customizability, offering you numerous features to choose from

•You have access to trading options with just one click!

•We have introduced graphing and analytical tools which work for you in real time

•You can establish your own trading strategies and algorithms with our support and with Expert Advisors

Main platform elements:

•It’s a single stop platform to trade Forex indexes and commodities

•You can select limit/stop levels from one pip on all major pairs in Forex

•You can set stop losses/take profit and at the same time open a new trade!

•You can trade 0.01 lots (mini lots), increasing lot precision, and improving the management of your risks.

•With our platform, providers will not see your stop loss and pending trader orders.

•We ensure zero trading disagreement between broker and customer

•Trading is not limited

Customizability is a chief asset of MT5. Enjoy timely and precise information about your investments, so that you can trade swiftly and adequately!

Enjoy simplicity with the GCC Exchange MT5!.

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